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Add Attachments (Diamond Price x 4%)

Add Attachments (Diamond Price x 4%)


Enjoy our tailored-made service. Please simply provide image to us, we will create a 3D slightly modified style to you to avoid violation of patent.


When you decide to purchase our quoted diamonds, you are entitled to add a ring / pendant / earrings at the price of 4% of the diamonds.


Please note that the above price is only for simple style without mini diamonds added. We could separate make quotation.

  • Amendment

    1. 3D image could only amend 1 time.

    2. Attachment is non-refundable.

    3. Free size adjustment is offered in Hong Kong for one time within 10 days after our notification of the collection.

  • Price

    Please calculate 4% of the diamond price and adjust the amount when check-out.

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