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 We Quote GIA Diamond Prices Worldwide 


DiamondCHEERS serves clients mainly in US, UK and HK.  We aim to help you get the same GIA diamonds worldwide from other online sellers, e.g. Bluexxx, James Allxx, at lower price.

We hope to save your time for price comparison to achieve "Same Diamond, Lower Price". Our goal is to become diamond version of Trivago.

 Why are we so magic? 

Diamond Industry has a well developed intranet to share diamond information of the major diamond manufacturers and wholesalers.  


International online retailers simply links the above database to their website and set a markup %.

As an industry expert, we could reliably spot the ultimate owners of those diamonds listed on online retailers website.

So we could get the same GIA diamond for you at a lower price.

 Engage us 

  1. We could help quote GIA diamonds with price at least US$100 lower than its original price and we will make the price as low as possible to you. The higher the diamond value, the bigger will be the discount.

  2. Simply buy one month quotations. If we fail to quote all the enquired diamonds, we will make full refund to you net of payment gateway fee charged by suppliers (not our profit). If we could quote at least one diamond, but you give up the purchase, the paid fee is not refundable.

  3. You only require to paste the web address of the targeted diamonds to us. We will quote you within 48 hours.

  4. Once you decide to accept the quotation, the quotation fee could be used to deduct the diamond price. Please make payment within 24 hours after we provide the quotation, afterward the quotation is invalid.

  5. The quotations service is valid for 1 month after your payment, so you could help your friend even after your purchase.

 Diamond Mounting 

  1. We offer tailored-made services. You could provide image to us and we create a modified 3D image to avoid violation of patents.

  2. For ring (size below US7) and earrings with simple design, we charge 4% based on the diamond price.

  3. Depending on the complexity of the orders, the whole process may take 1 month excluding GIA verification and delivery time.


  1. We engage international courier, e.g. UPS, to handle the shipment. Our quotation includes the fee.

  2. Customers are responsible for custom duties and taxes, if any.

  3. Customers could also select to collect directly in GIA Laboratory of Hong Kong, if verification testing is selected.

 Your Protection 

  1. Insurance fee: You will pay US$50 for every US$10,000 or less purchase.

  2. Shipment: Only international courier will be used.  Fee is paid by us.

  3. Collection: You could optional select to use the GIA verification service offered by official GIA laboratory (GIA issue further report to confirm the diamond is equal to the GIA certificate. GIA laboratory does not accept verification service to mounted diamonds below 1 carat.  The GIA services take around 2 weeks to complete.

  4. Free Return:  After your collection of the diamonds according to the shipment track record or we inform that the diamonds could collect in GIA laboratory of Hong Kong, you could within 3-day to send email to inform us your decision to return the diamonds. You will be invited to send the diamond (without mounting) within 3 weeks to GIA laboratory of Hong Kong to perform verification testing. If the testing result is satisfactory, we will make full refund (minus fee charge by payment gateway and insurance fee) to you. Please note that rings could not be refunded and you will bear the actual GIA verification testing fee and the shipment fee to GIA laboratory.

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